Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rome... spoiler if you know no history

We've been watching Rome on HBO. It's a TV series, produced with the BBC, with all British actors and what sounds to me like a British script as well. It's fictionalized history. I recommend it, but be forewarned it's R-rated for violence and sex. If you have a V-chip in your TV, you'd better enter the secret parental code. Tonight was the season finale. This season focused on the career of Julius Caesar, and the season finale was the Caesar finale as well.

The senators' hands are red
And Julius Caesar lies dead.



I don't have a television, but if I did, this is one of the series that I would watch. Why did all of the good stuff come out AFTER I decided to live TV-free?!?!?

JohnJEnright said...

stolie, someday when you come back to TV, all these shows will be waiting for you!