Saturday, January 27, 2007

In Hot Water

I went googling for hot water phobia and the first relevant thing I found was this hilarious scary post by Miss Scotch.

Then I found this wonderful wedding webpage by Chantel Kielty, who first took an interest in her future husband when he refused coffee, tea, or cocoa - because he disliked hot liquids.

I still haven't found a scientific-sounding name for this particular phobia. I guess it's on the rare side. And it's not really debilitating, although it would prevent one from working at Starbucks!

I've developed some form of it myself - particularly pertaining to handling hot liquids in open containers - the worst sort being flexible paper cups without tops - and the worst situation being that of taking such a cup from another person's hand. Yes, there really is some risk of a burn or spill, but my reaction is exaggerated. Of course, getting nervous actually increases fumbling in such situations! So I did some reading on phobia treatment and now I'm working on step-by-step desensitization. So far, so good.

Better not to steer
By exaggerated fear.

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