Monday, January 01, 2007

Nietzsche and the Nazis

Today we watched Stephen Hicks' new DVD, "Nietzsche and the Nazis".

It was basically Prof. Hicks giving a very informative and analytical lecture, but with a lot of visual material, partly power-point style graphics, partly historical drawings and photos. It's 2 hours and 45 minutes long.

I've read a lot of Nietzsche. I'd say Hicks was fair to him, carefully delineating Nietzsche's points of agreement and disagreement with the Nazis.

I've read a fair amount about the Nazis. But I learned more. My favorite new fact was that Hitler, in private, was fond of exclaiming "How lucky that men don't think!"

I do wonder why he did it as a DVD. I don't think he has done a video before. My guess is he's trying to reach out to a broader audience of some kind. It seems like the kind of thing a public library would purchase, and I hope that happens.

So if you'd like to see something new
You might give it a view.

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