Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I got a thought-provoking set of comments on yesterday's post. So I wanted to follow-up on this business of broadcasting the arrests of men who arrive in pursuit of sex with imaginary 14-year-olds.

Apparently, what they get charged with is "Attempted Statutory Rape" (or whatever it's called now), since they were never really in touch with an actual 14-year-old, but they were nonetheless attempting to do so.

I watched it just once, and found it thoroughly queasy TV. I lacked sympathy for the guys - but I was also disturbed by the stingers. They seemed overly worked up, in a scary sort of way, and I wondered about their motivations.

Are there really a lot of 14 year old females hooking up with middle aged males on the net? I'm a bit skeptical that this is quite the massive social problem it is made out to be.

When old guys announce their attraction,
Wouldn't "Ewww!!!" be the standard reaction?

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