Friday, September 07, 2012

Gratuitous Public Shaming

The organizer of  the Chicago Marathon has announced that he is banning Lance Armstrong from running in it.

Not that Lance actually applied to run in it:
“I have had no direct contact from Lance or anyone representing him,” Pinkowski said. “We had some indication from his charity (Livestrong) that Lance might have been interested in running.”
I do suspect Armstrong was guilty of using various substances he wasn't supposed to. I suspect that was true of most of the Tour de France crew.

But I don't know. Not for sure. And I get the sense the American "anti-doping board" isn't playing fair. So I am tempted to defy them, and organize my own marathon. It would be very small, mind you, but it would be 26.2 miles.

And even though he's banned
I'd extend Lance a hand.

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