Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bird Mystery Solved


I was bicycling today, in a former golf course, which is being remodeled as a park, when I came across this bird, who was making a ruckus at me, fanning out his tail feathers, peeping a loud song, and, eventually, running away from me along the ground, which I caught on film:

I thought that it had a hurt wing and was unable to fly. I rode away feeling kind of bad for the poor little thing.

I had no idea what kind of bird it was, but one friend said it was a Killdeer, and another a friend who is a very accomplished birdwatcher said:

Definitely a Killdeer and one doing a 'broken wing' display that they are probably best known for. This bird likely had a nest or fledglings around and it was pretending to have a broken wing in order to distract you (a predator) away from them.

So I was feeling sorry for it... but it was fine!

Yes, that's what occurred:
I was suckered by a bird.

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