Sunday, June 02, 2013

Early Anti-Nazi Film

I found this fascinating:
Rediscovered: The First American Anti-Nazi Film, Banned by U.S. Censors and Forgotten for 80 Years

The name of the film was Hitler's Reign of Terror. The year was 1933. The journalist behind the film was Cornelius Vanderbilt IV, a direct descendant of the railroad tycoon.

I loved this quote from Vanderbilt about Hitler:
Unquestionably he is a man of real ability, of force. But the way I sized him up after interviewing him is that he is a strange combination of Huey Long, Billy Sunday, and Al Capone.
In retrospect, it is regrettable that he was a man of such ability and force.

If he had been less skilled,
there would have been fewer killed.

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