Sunday, June 09, 2013

On Stage In Madison


The actresses pictured, left to right, are Zechariah Ruffin, Celia Lohr, and Lauren Rusch. We drove up to Madison, WI, yesterday to see them doing my short play, "Playing With Matches" as part of the Queer Shorts 8 festival. I was delighted to have my play accepted for the festival, and I was extremely pleased with the performance, which was directed by Karl Reinhardt.

The play is supposed to be funny in quite a few places, and it did get laughs in those places, which provided instant gratification to me.

We combined the trip to Madison with a visit to some old friends from Chicago who retired to the Madison area. They accompanied us to the evening's entertainment and enjoyed it very much. They haven't attended much theater in Madison, and so they were worried the acting might be of low quality, but they needn't have worried. The acting was generally strong.

I enjoyed the other plays, too. Since this is the rhyme-of-the-day blog, I have to make a special mention of Arlecchino's Last Prank, by Andrew Black, since it was written completely in rhyme.

My play did not rhyme. But did include some "talking like a pirate".

I know, it's true, I'm kind of straight,
but being in Queer Shorts was great.

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