Monday, May 26, 2014

All We Are Saying

I attended our neighborhood Memorial Day parade today, as I do every year. Here's a publicity photo that gives a good idea of the surroundings and scale:


It was bigger this year than last year. But we had some controversy! We had people marching - on the sidewalk - along the route - advertising the fact that their group had not been allowed an official place in the parade.

'Commenting on the controversial decision not to allow the Southsiders for Peace group to participate in the Memorial Day parade this year, Walsh said, “Our focus is on those who served our country and died for our freedoms.”'

The antiwar group has been marching as parade participants for the past several years. I've always found their presence a little jarring. Usually they carried a big banner saying "Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home". Like this:


The above picture is from a July 4th parade in a neighboring suburb, some years back.
Which explains the demand that our soldiers get out of Iraq.

A lot of people agreed with their main message, and they got their fair share of cheers. But, like most proclaimed antiwar groups, they gave off the vibe that their quarrel wasn't with any particular war, it was with the existence of the military. For example, this sign, which reads "Military Out Of The Schools". I guess it's an anti-ROTC message.


I do not think the way to peace
is letting army recruitment cease.

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