Thursday, May 29, 2014

Peikoff on Don Carlos

Now I've listened to Peikoff's lecture on Don Carlos, by Schiller. I think he was not quite right when he said that Don Carlos was longer than any 2 of Shakespeare's plays put together.

Hamlet has 4024 lines. Coriolanus has 3824 lines. That works out to 7848 lines combined. The longest version of Don Carlos is 6282 verse lines.

Glancing at the introduction to the Passage translation, I read that "the drama has the length of almost any two plays of Shakespeare put together". Almost. I'm thinking Peikoff read this same intro, but misplaced the "almost".

What I really loved about Peikoff's lecture was his enthusiasm for the Grand Inquisitor scene - the second-to-last scene. I've always loved that scene too. It was the direct inspiration for Dostoevsky's famous Grand Inquisitor parable in Brother's Karamazov.

Also, I always felt that the first big Emperor / Luke scene owed something to the Grand Inquisitor scene, and now I read this in Wikipedia:

"Jeffrey High has found influences of Schiller's plays on the screenplays for several Hollywood films, and in particular suggests a close correspondence between Don Carlos and the screenplay for Star Wars."

What concerns me is that guy
is known as Jeffrey High.

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