Friday, May 09, 2014

UrineTown Reflections

I've very much enjoyed working as a performer in UrineTown.  Someone commented to me that the show has a malevolent sense of life, that is, a bleak emotional outlook that makes you feel like the Universe is out to get you. There's some truth to this, but I'm not sure how much exactly. 

*Spoiler alert.* 

It's a satirical spoof, designed in part for laughs, which presents a special interpretation question: which elements to take seriously. When are the authors jesting? 

Also, as a couple of the characters say at the end: "It's not a happy musical." "But the music's so happy!"

Politically, taken literally, the show stakes out the position that in the face of a worldwide drought, the "regulating mechanism of cash", even when implemented along fascist lines, would be better for human survival than a socialism in which "everything is free".

Speaking of climate issues, it was a hot day here yesterday, and our theater space has no AC, so it was even hotter on stage under the lights

Speaking as a performer
I like it cooler not warmer. 

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