Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lawn Mower Challenge

We hadn't used our lawn mower for a few years, since we'd had a service cutting the lawn, so my wife thought we should sell it. But first... could we still get it started? Because... how much money can you get for a mower that won't start.

So in Autumn I tried. No.

I got a new spark plug and tried again. No.

A handyman recommended changing the air filter. Marsha obtained one.

So today I went out to the garden shed, pulled out the mower, and put in the new filter. Then I pulled the cord.

Out from the engine leaped a very startled mouse, an arc of brown and white fur, which scampered under a bush.

And, no, the mower didn't start.

I was not knowing
my gizmo for mowing
was also a house
for a mouse.

I wonder whether the reason the engine won't fire
possibly involves some chewed-through wire?

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