Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Message of the Messy Ink Stamp


Observe the messy ink stamp from my luggage tag, from yesterday's trip home.

AIES is short for "Aeropuerto International de El Salvador" where I had a layover.

"Reinspeccionado" means reinspected.

Guess what? I was missing 2 things from my suitcase when I unpacked!

I think my iPhone charger and umbrella
got "reinspected"
and collected
by some felonious Salvadoran fella.

My wife, who is still in Guatemala, found the umbrella.
So I slandered some poor Salvadoran fella.

Except, well, the charger is still missing. And she can't seem to find that.

To all you Salvadoran security guys,
I half-apologize.

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