Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sturm's Yellow Wallpaper

I went to see Lorelei Sturm's The Yellow Wallpaper. She adapted the piece, from the classic short story, and she stars in it as well.

It's not quite a one-woman show. There are 2 other actors, with important things to do. But it often feels like a one-woman show, with extended periods in which the lead character addresses the audience.

It's not the sort of story that I love. A woman, suffering from post-partum depression, is confined to a room as a "rest cure" by her know-it-all doctor-husband. She then slowly loses her mind staring at the wallpaper. It's a story to give you bad dreams, but it's very well acted, particularly by Sturm herself, who gives one of those performances that just feels soul-baring.


Walls, narrowing.
All in all, harrowing.

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