Friday, September 19, 2014

Cutoff Date

I'm distrustful of bioethicists, whose ethics frequently strike me as creepy.

I'm also distrustful of the designers of our latest round of health care reform, who misrepresented their "keep your doctor" product.

So here comes a guy who is both, Ezekiel Emanuel, saying it's best to die by 75:

"At age 75 we reach that unique, albeit somewhat arbitrarily chosen, moment when we have lived a rich and complete life, and have hopefully imparted the right memories to our children."

"Arbitrarily chosen". Interesting admission, that. Anyway, by sheer coincidence no doubt, we could save a lot of money on Social Security, and Medicare, if we could somehow institutionalize that particular arbitrarily chosen number.

If you're over 75,
and distressingly alive,
but feel it would be best,
to take a permanent rest,
just call up an end-of-life panel,
and turn on the Soylent Green Channel.

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