Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dreaming of National Debt

I had a dream that my wife was handing me some spending cash, and that one of the bills was a 200 dollar bill, with the words "Debt Bomb" prominently featured on the back.

In the dream I kind of stared at it, thinking something was wrong.

The United States has no two-hundred dollar bill,
but as for the "debt bomb", I fear we will
face a detonation
in the form of big inflation.


Charlie McDanger said...

This is a conundrum to me as well, except I notice that the people pulling the levers are still willing to write thirty-year loans at four percent. It seems leveraged real estate would be the inflation play, at least in a state where they don't kill you with taxes.

JohnJEnright said...

A lot of people are scared of real estate, after it popped so badly on the last go-around. But it doesn't seem to have climbed much on this "recovery" so far. So what you say is rather logical! But I must admit I haven't bought any new real estate. I'm just sitting on the same old lot!