Friday, October 23, 2015

Fisher Looking Good

That's a still from the new Star Wars trailer. It's Carrie Fisher and (I think) Harrison Ford. I was struck by how beautiful she looks, and thankful that she hadn't wrecked her face with plastic surgery the way some actresses do.

I hear there's a ginned-up controversy over the fact that she had to lose weight to win the role, as if appearance was not integral to being a movie star. Most of these people wouldn't have these jobs if they didn't look really good on camera.

I haven't seen her in that many films. Perhaps I liked her best in The Blues Brothers, where she played a psycho ex-girlfriend:

I thought the new trailer looked promising. Of course, I've been fooled before by Star Wars trailers. Three times in fact.

Call me a dope,
but I have new hope.

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