Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All Mixed Up Reading

I arranged a little reading of the new play I've been working on, which is tentatively titled All Mixed Up. I had help from some talented actors:

Ashley Renee Clopton as Beth. 
Tara Bouldrey as Carrie. 
Johnny Westmoreland as Daniel. 
Madelyn Tomko as Ada. 
Corey Finney read the stage directions. 
Megan Renner Rieck was there in a sort of understudy/dramaturg role. 

And we had a very helpful audience of about 7 friends. On the bright side, the overall structure seems sound. The ending worked. The sensitive stuff played well. But I need to make sure the subplot resolution is clearer and I could stand to add some more explanatory background material. Not too much more, I think. This isn't as scary as the public reading of my second play, which convinced me I needed a new and different way to end that play. 

Lest I neglect to mention 
The performance was brimming with tension. 

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