Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Frozen Gnome

I participated in a race called The Frozen Gnome today. I signed up for the 50k, which is 5 loops of a 10k course.

I only did 3 loops and then dropped out. Because it wasn't just the Gnome who was frozen. It was me, too.

Well, that's hyperbole.

I only almost froze,
and that was just my toes.

I clearly needed a different pair of shoes. I had modified some old trail shoes by putting some screws in the soles, and this was a great help where ice was a problem, but it wasn't really much help with today's main problem - vast quantities of slush.

Basically, my shoes got wet, my socks got wet, my feet got cold, my toes got numb, and one of my toes even got a bit off color - not the healthy pink I expect. Fortunately, after they had warmed up a while, they seem to be basically be back to normal.

I think a new woman's record was set for the course today. So it's not that conditions were bad for speed as such. But my shoes were not up to the challenge.

For hilly, slushy action
I need dry shoes with more traction.


Charlie McDanger said...

There's probably a slim chance you'd ever need this but some counterintuitive advice: The happiest I've ever been on a winter hike was in surf booties and Keen Newports.

Stream crossings ruined everybody else thanks to wet socks; this combo worked perfectly.

JohnJEnright said...

Pretty smart, Charlie.