Saturday, May 06, 2006

Moussaoui Sentencing

The man is full of fury
But a nice Virgina jury
Said his childhood
Was not good.

So they rejected
Having him lethally injected,
Which was all that he deserved.

Instead, a concrete cell has been reserved.


Ergo Sum said...

*gasp*! That's insane!! Crucify him!

JohnJEnright said...

His fate is pretty horrible in some ways. He will be in a soundproof cell, by himself, for 23 hours a day. That kind of isolation is hard to bear mentally.

Ergo Sum said...

I suppose. But I've always thought that prison's in America are such a sweet deal! Cable TV, sanitary conditions, gym and play area, library... the best part of all - the tax payers foot the bill!

I suppose those prison "amenities" might be essential in keeping the peace. But man, those prisoners are lucky to be jailed in America, and not in India!

JohnJEnright said...

I'm sure you're right. American prisons are pretty nice living in some ways. In many cases you are at the mercy of other prisoners, which can be bad, but I imagine that's true in India and other places too. Moussaoui is going to one of our newer maximum security facilities. He will be in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, but will probably have TV with limited programming. He won't be able to see or hear the other prisoners at all. That much isolation is hard on most people. But, yes, I think he deserves worse.