Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sick Cat Blogging

Baby, a.k.a. Betty, a person of the feline persuasion, continues to worry her owner with symptoms of sickness, not eating, not drinking, not moving around much, and not taking her medicine.

So Baby has had 3 vet trips in 5 days, getting fluid injections and antibiotic shots.

Apparently Baby has distemper. It can be fatal, and there's a nasty variety roaming the south end of Chicagoland, but Baby, who was up to date on her distemper shots, is expected to pull through.

The real cost of a pet
Includes the bills from the vet,
And the way you get upset
When she's not all better yet.


Ergo Sum said...

Awww... poor Baby a.k.a. Betty.

What's distemper? Does it mean that Betty is one angry cat with a very short temper?

American cats have such exotic illnesses!

Anonymous said...

It's some kind of parvo-virus. I think "distemper" is a pre-scientific name.