Monday, November 27, 2006

Hutchins Revisited

There are a variety of versions of Night of January 16th that have been performed:

A) the "Woman on Trial" production from L.A.
B) the Broadway production, which Rand modified under the guidance of the producer
C) the amateur version, which someone else edited, and which was repudiated by Rand as not being one of her works
D) the version that came out in the 60's after Rand had edited it, which she said was close to the "Woman on Trial" script
E) the final version, after Rand had edited it for a New York production

I have examined "C", "D", and "E".

"A" must be very rare, since it was produced at only one theater.

"B" might be more findable, since it was widely performed, but I don't think it was ever sold as a book. Professional playscripts, I believe, used to be rented out by the author's theatrical agent to professional productions.

Today I was looking at a book that included a cast of character of version "B". The cast included John Hutchins, who also appears in "D" and "E".

But as you may recall, the amateur "C" version substitutes his wife, Mrs. Hutchins.

So Mrs. H. is probably unique to the amateur version! But why?

So what's the scoop?
Do amateur troops
On the whole
Need more female roles?

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