Saturday, November 11, 2006

Six Hours With Alice

I spent six charming hours today with Alice. I met her because she was running about the same pace as me. We discussed our target times, and they matched up. Running a long way by yourself - especially on a cold day with strong winds - gets old quickly. So we talked and ran and when we came to uphills we walked some. She kept worrying she was slowing me down, but I think the truth is that she kept me going at a sustainable pace. We both finished a little faster than the last time we did this distance. Thank you, Alice!

We saw a man surfing in Lake Michigan at the 57th Street Beach. He had a wetsuit and a surfboard, and the waves looked pretty good. He must have been out in that cold water a long time, because we saw him three times as we ran the loops of the run course.

At the end of our race, wearing our 50k finisher's medals, we talked about how crazy he was. But, really, I suspect he's no more, or no less, insane than we were.

No ifs, ands, or buts,
Both activities are nuts.


Old Zeke said...

Crazy? I say congrats...
I surf the web and race with rats!

JohnJEnright said...

Ha! Thank you, Old Zeke!