Thursday, November 23, 2006

Progress as Product

I'm writing this from a new notebook pc
That darling Marsha bought for me.

It's an early Christmas present. She hadn't planned to give it to me today, but then she decided - what the heck - I'd get another month of use out of it. Also, her notebook has been in and out of the shop for hard drive (and now fan) issues, so she has been using my notebook, so at home I have been using the old Windows 98 desktop, which has issues of its own.

Marsha once said of me that the only physical possessions I really seemed to care about were books and computers. She was being funny, but, there's an element of truth there. She, characteristically, got a good deal on this one - it was a floor model.

The memory is so big -
2 gigs.

As a computer old-timer, who worked with punch cards, I am now and then awestruck by how far we have come.

We live in a society that has made technological and scientific progress an expected thing. But it was never expected before these last 250 years or so. In this respect, we live in a very special time.

So today I thank the long philosophical evolution
That finally led to the scientific revolution.

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