Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Strange Case of Mrs. Hutchins

Those of you who have read or seen Night of January 16th, may recall that an elderly janitor, Mr. Hutchins, is one of the first witnesses. But, in the Bizarro World, it was his wife who testified:

FLINT. Why didn't your husband work that night?

MRS. HUTCHINS. Well, fo' the las' year or two now my husband don't seem to have no mo' gumption; and when he don't, I takes his place.

FLINT. Oh! So on the night of January 16th, your husband was low on gumption.

MRS. HUTCHINS. Yes, sah.

Is it just me, or is that meant as African-American dialect?

This alternate universe is the older, amateur version of the play, which Ayn Rand thoroughly disowned as a vandalized monstrosity.

Who knows, you might still have a chance to see the Mrs. Hutchins version performed. Here's a cast with her in it for a 1998 production.

The differences are sizable.
As for the movie - it's unrecognizable.

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