Thursday, April 09, 2009

Missing Dog

Can Obama deliver?
He told Jay Leno the puppy he promised his daughters would be in place when he got back from a NATO summit in Europe. But Barack Obama has been back at the White House since Wednesday.

So Mr. President ... where's the patter of little puppy feet?
I think he's got a problem. He needs a hypo-allergenic pooch for one of his kids. Those are specialized expensive breeds.

But his wife promised to adopt a "rescue dog."

By "rescue dog," they don't mean a dog that rescues people, like a St. Bernard. They mean a dog that people rescue - a "shelter sheltie" or a "pound puppy."

But expensive hypoallergenic dogs don't get found
in the average pound.

Why not rig a fake rescue? Some political friend could buy a Portuguese Water Spaniel, walk it over to a shelter, and the shelter director could immediately call the White House with the good news that they have found a match!

Usually I oppose fakery of this kind,
but now I'm of a mind
to help out those 2 little girls
who need a pooch with non-shedding curls.

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