Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Other Shoe Drops

Rod Blagojevich is vacationing in Florida. But today he got indicted in Illinois.

You see, even though they arrested him months ago, and even though they filed a "criminal complaint," they never actually indicted him.
There were several new allegations, including:

That Blagojevich, Monk, Kelly and previously convicted Blagojevich associate Tony Rezko agreed to use the governor's office for financial gain and would spilt the proceeds after Blagojevich left office. They agreed to a scheme in which they would split fees after directing state pension business to a certain company whose lobbyists agreed to pay Rezko for the business. Rezko then agreed to split the fees with the group;
It seemed to take forever,
but the Feds have finally filed.

It sounds like good old Rezko 
has been singing for a while.

But Blago's on vacation
enjoying the state of denial.

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