Monday, April 20, 2009

Play Progress

My full-length play has 4 of 5 characters cast. I'm very happy with them all. Opening night is scheduled for Thursday, June 12.

It's starting to feel
tangibly real.

We're holding another audition tomorrow with 7 or 8 actresses scheduled to appear, so we ought to be able to fill the remaining part - a clever young woman from Mexico.

UPDATE 4/21: saw some very good people... trying to decide. One was even a possibility for a part I was already thinking of as cast...

I also want to line up a certain prop -
an old-fashioned desk with a rolling top.

Meanwhile, I'm still on track for this super-charged 24-hour drama festival, Theatre of Women IV, wherein I shall have a 12 hour stretch from 9pm-6am to write a 10 minute play. That's less than 2 pages per hour! Good thing I handle deadlines well.

It should be quite a night-full,
frightful and delightful.

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