Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evergreen Park Fatality

After ranting yesterday about Evergreen Park's heavy-duty issuance of traffic tickets, I started wondering again about an incident from October, when an Evergreen Park squad car broadsided the car a teenager was driving, killing him. At the time, facts in the news seemed... thin.

Now the teen's parents are suing the village and the officer. Oddly enough, they've got a lawyer named Karen Enright - no relation!
"It's our opinion that the officer was speeding, in pursuit of a speeder, but he was going too fast for the conditions," said Enright, whose team conducted their own investigation of the accident. "Our witnesses say he was speeding without lights or siren and he pulled out in front of Brian DeWitt and caused the accident."
That may just be bluster, of course.

The police car reportedly had a camera mounted on its dash. To record things.
However, authorities said the video was unable to be retrieved from the camera.
Maybe the video got wrecked in the crash.
But I predict the village will pay out cash.

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