Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Motive for Murder?

We have a strange and tawdry murder trial going in Chicago. The crime dates back to 2007, and concerns the murder of a pregnant young woman who had been having sex with Shaun Gayle, a former player for the Chicago Bears.

Accused of the crime is another woman that Shaun Gayle had been having sex with - once in a while. The prosecutors' theory is that Woman B was upset that Woman A was pregnant with Gayle's child, so upset she staged an elaborate murder.

I have read that some women see getting pregnant by a sports star as a major form of victory. I guess because he will continue to see the woman, at least somewhat, in order to see the kid. She will be "in his life". And also because there will be good money coming in, to pay for the kid's expenses, money which will also make the mom's life easier in various ways, especially if she funnels some of it into her own expenses, which she may find easy to rationalize.

A child can be a tie
that keeps a guy
from just saying bye.

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