Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wrap Up

In case you're wondering, the jury found Marni Yang guilty of shooting the pregnant other-girlfriend of the former Bears player.

The jury took an hour to decide.

In closing arguments, the defense maintained:

a) There was only circumstantial evidence against Yang.

b) The recorded admissions of guilt were just an exercise in story-telling on the part of Yang.
“I took one last shot in the head, finished her off,” Yang said on a snippet of tape played for jurors before they began deliberating.
I just wonder why the jury took a whole hour.

Stuff like that on tape
leaves no room to escape


Charlie McDanger said...

>>“The actions of the defendant were colder than I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Fix, a prosecutor for 18 years.<<

Has she been prosecuting traffic violations for 18 years? I hope these theatrics were saved for reporters and not the jury.

JohnJEnright said...

Way over the top! I wonder if the prosecutor was worried the jury would find her guilty of a lesser charge because they would see it as an impulsive crime of passion.