Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flame Grilled

Our local disgusting murder trial continues.

A key witness is Christi Paschen, a psychic, who was friends with the accused. Ms. Paschen wore a wire and recorded some very damaging conversations with the accused.

The defense attorneys are going after her credibility, which is easy enough, but I'm not sure how that is going to help with the damaging recordings.

Anyway, the psychic testified that she had been part of a military intelligence program named "Gondala Wish" that was later called "Grill Flame." She said she went on a mission to the Mideast, and that all of the men in her unit were killed.

This sounded loopy, but I googled those 2 program names and got a lot of links to what the Wikipedia people would call unreliable sources. Wikipedia itself has an article on "the Stargate Project" which is a "disputed" article about the same basic idea that the U.S. government ran big psychic programs for military and intelligence purposes. The government doesn't seem to have admitted to all this, so I guess the psychic can just say "it's still secret".

Given our continued intelligence failures, I think it's clear that any government psychic research was unsuccessful.

If we had good surmises
of what would happen next
we wouldn't be so vexed
with terrible surprises.

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