Friday, May 13, 2011

Althouse Down

Blogspot crashed earlier today. I'm up, but Ann Althouse is still down. If you go to her blog, you get the helpful message:
Sorry, the blog at has been removed.
The helper she contacted gave a list of the kinds of blogs that Google might want to delete:
- Large blogs with multiple, unfocused / unrelated subjects.
It's kind of amusing / infuriating to read her attempts to communicate with the helper, nitecruzr. They are so not on the same page.

I do wonder if her blog might qualify under that description. She blogs about all kinds of stuff. And gets giant piles of comments. She has kind of a comment community going. I think a lot of regulars go there just to talk to each other.

It did set me to thinking about whether THIS blog was unfocused. I tend to write about anything that strikes my fancy.

On the other hand, almost every time,
I have a rhyme.

Does poetic hocus-pocus
qualify as focus?

UPDATE: She's up again. The exchange between her and nitecruzr has been edited so a lot of the fun and fury is gone. It was a technical glitch all along, which somehow lured me into unfocused thoughts about whether my blog is focused!

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