Sunday, May 29, 2011


Auditions went well. A lot of talented people showed up. We were actually casting for 2 shows at once, one by me and one by Jeremy Menekseoglu. Sometimes a given actor would read for both shows.

My show should be finished casting by Wednesday, if not sooner.

I feel like I've gotten a little better at being an "auditor". Auditions are often an uncomfortable situation. On the performer's side, it's the whole "being judged for hard to define attributes" thing. If you listen to actors talk about auditioning, it's often a very nerve-wracking or ego-crushing process.

On the judging side, you hate to hurt the feelings of dedicated performers, especially when it's a bit of a guessing game to watch a performer for 3 minutes and decide whether they are right for your show and whether you want to work with them for weeks and weeks.

My director and co-directors are the main judges, so I suppose I haven't experienced the True Pressure.

After everyone's tried and tried,
someone has to decide.

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