Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visualization Technique Research

You may have heard of positive visualization techniques, where you basically try to imagine obtaining what you really want, as a way to help you get it. Now some spoil-sport researchers say this is counter-productive.
"Instead of promoting achievement, positive fantasies will sap job-seekers of the energy to pound the pavement, and drain the lovelorn of the energy to approach the one they like," they write. "Fantasies that are less positive - that question whether an ideal future can be achieved, and that depict obstacles, problems and setbacks - should be more beneficial for mustering the energy needed to obtain success."
At work, visualize setbacks!
So you advance and don't get lax.

In love, imagine struggle!
That's your best chance to snuggle.

Can this all be true?
I leave that up to you.

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