Thursday, May 26, 2011

John Delaney

A man named John Delaney died recently climbing Everest. The current expected survival rate for Everest climbs is 94%. Out of 20 people, 1 is likely to die.

While he was climbing his wife gave birth.That's a bit bizarre, to go risking your life unnecessarily while your wife has a good chance of being in labor.

How do people die? Falling? Usually not. It's the altitude itself mostly kills them. It's not well understood exactly how. But they are not getting enough oxygen. And they can only carry so much oxygen. And the atmospheric pressure is low. Not to mention they're trying to go uphill on a slippery surface in extreme cold. Most deaths are caused by lungs or brains swelling.

Delaney's body is still up there. Most of the dead are still up there. It's too dangerous, they say, to bring them down.

Does the challenge make your pulse quicken?
Not me. Cluck, cluck. I'm chicken!

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