Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Big Love

We watched an episode of Big Love tonight. That's HBO's series about polygamous renegade Mormons. A couple of times they hit plot points that reminded Marsha of my novel about the same sort of group. I told her "that's how they are." I went on to assert that I had been completely naturalistic.

That last was a lie
That did not fly.

I suppose I was motivated to tell this fib after reading [info]shannon_f_r's fascinating post about people in her writing class.

They want to write novels with nothing new.
Their characters act - just as they do.

Of course, the reason Big Love had a few similarities to my story was that they did the same sort of research I did. The feel was quite different. More like Desperate Plural Housewives.


Ergo Sum said...

Hey John!

Oh, I'm all for Big love! Infact, for the past year or so, I've been writing out many of my thoughts and arguments in support of various relationship designs.

I invite you to check out this link regarding my theories on it:


JohnJEnright said...

Ergo Sum! Hi. I will read your entry shortly. It is good to hear from you.