Sunday, April 30, 2006

May Day

I think it's useful to distinguish between the leaders and the followers involved in the immigration protests.

Most of the followers are just people who came here to work. They would like to stay here because it's better here. They don't even particularly care about being citizens, but they would love to be legalized so they could travel freely, have a real i.d., etc.

I believe we've finally succeeded in scaring a lot of these people with all our talk of a big crackdown, of building a wall, and of mass deportations. I would be scared too, if I were them, even though I don't think these things will actually come to pass.

They aren't advanced students of economics, but they know they work hard and contribute to the material well-being of the country. They think maybe we would appreciate them more if we realized how much they contribute.

As for the leaders, they're a mixed bunch, including opportunistic socialists and professional organizers who just want to lead something. Their ideology is all over the place. Some of it is offensive to American sensibilities, as well it should be.

Tomorrow I should get a good view of the Chicago protesters. They're going to be marching right outside my window at work.

I'll watch the action
At State and Jackson.

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