Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reminiscent of Rearden's Relatives?

Here's a snippet between the heroine and the hero, as he gets off the phone with his sister.

"What did she want?" Vicki asked when Caleb hung up the phone and came to stand beside her.

He sighed, staring blindly into space. "She wanted what she always wants. Money. Since I sold out to the capitalist regime, the least I can do is help her out now and then." His tone was flat, as if the call had drained all emotion from him.

Later in the same book, Vicki follows up:

"What I don't understand is why your family is so hard on you. I mean, I know you chose a different path, but no matter their philosophical problems with the capitalist way--" she rolled her eyes "--I'd have thought they'd be proud of you. Even my grandmother is impressed by your achievements and she's the harshest judge I know."

Name that genre! Business novel? Philosophical novel? Nuh uh.

Caleb and Vicki almost divorce
But get a second chance.
The genre, of course,
Must be romance.

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