Friday, April 21, 2006

Judging by it's Cover

The latest cover of the New Individualist is a riot.

It's interesting how popular Rand has always been with (some) Hollywood people. Of course, she worked there for years.

In her Q&A book, she mentions that the real model for Roark's devotion to architecture was her own devotion to writing.

I have often wondered about the smarmy business world of conventional architecture in The Fountainhead. What was the real model for that? Was it the smarmy business world of Hollywood? Is Roark's struggle with the architectural world partly based on Rand's struggle with the Hollywood world?

Do other people in Hollywood also feel at times like they are Howard Roark, struggling to maintain their own artistic integrity in the face of the forces of convention and compromise?

Of course they do.
Wouldn't you?

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