Sunday, June 28, 2009

Play Update / Playing Norma

We have now completed week two of our three week run.

The audience tonight - despite being a Sunday - was our biggest audience yet. And the actors were rocking. The overall performance just keeps getting better. Which, really, is the way it's supposed to be.

And now, a word about Tamika Morales - the actress playing Norma Vasquez.

I am so glad to have her. She lights up the stage with charisma in her role. The trap of the character, I suppose, is that she can seem kind of sketchy or shady. But Tamika imbues the role with a strong sense of honor, creating a sense of a woman who follows her own ethical code, which leans more toward loyalty than to following the official rule book. The character is more than a bit of a detective, with great people sense and excellent interrogation skills. Tamika has made Norma perfectly believable in her ruthless pursuit of truth. Also, and perhaps most important, she has made Norma's loving and caring side perfectly believable.

She likes to stretch the truth,
but excels at playing sleuth.

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