Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My first-ever theater review arrived today in The Beverly Review, a neighborhood paper that started up in 1905.

By comparison, I started up in 1952.

The reviewer, after seeing the play, interviewed me for about 30 minutes.

The review, by Kathleen Tobin, is quite glowing.
So, here it is, “Ready or Not,” coming after five years of gestation, three years of writing, playwriting workshops, rewriting, public readings and finding the right place and people to put it on the stage! And it is worth the wait!
Well, I'll just say that those words were worth the wait, too. She also praises the super-talented and hard-working cast:
Menekseoglu has put together a dream cast for this production. Eddie Brennan (Tom McGrath) is an executive with an international construction firm. On a job in Mexico and needing an important permit to finish the job, he is caught trying to bribe a Mexican official and is thrown into jail for a year.

The play opens as Eddie returns home to Susan (Danielle Gennaoui), the wife he loves and truly missed, only to find that she and his friend and office mate Kyle (Menekseoglu) have become a twosome and his boss Diane (Rachel Martindale) has terminated his position.

The plot thickens as Norma (Tamika Morales), the niece of the Mexican official who befriended Eddie during his prison term, shows up at Eddie's home, and it becomes apparent that there is much more to the story than meets the eye. And you're hooked right through to the final heartwarming ending.
I know, I can't let this go to my head,
but must remain self-critical, instead.

All the same,
it's going in a frame.

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