Sunday, June 21, 2009

Playing Susan

I'm thinking I should say something about each of the people acting in my play. I mean to say at least one big thing I like about each one's portrayal of their role.

All these people have studied acting far more than I have, so please take my meditations with a grain of salt.

Today I'm going to start with Danielle Gennaoui, who plays Susan Brennan, the female romantic lead. I'm inclined to think this is the hardest role in the play. I think this is partly because she is the character who takes the longest to find her true voice. For much of the play the actress is playing a bit of an enigma, but her acting must *suggest* what's really going on with her character, without quite giving it away. And it's not that the character is sneaky - far from it - she's actually described as "an open book" by her husband at one point. That description may not be 100% correct for Susan, but it captures the character's deep commitment to walking the way of responsibility, despite being sorely tested.

This is all
a rather tall order,
but Danielle
does it so well.

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