Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Great Debate

I spent the morning at the campus of my alma mater. This weekend it's the site of a big debate tournament for the Chicago public high schools. I was there to support [info]gregorysparr in his debating efforts. I only got to watch him for one session, but I thought he won it, hands down.

At one point, while he was preparing for the next step in the debate, I looked over at him and saw him moving his fingers in a rhythmic way, as if counting time for music. It puzzled me, but it's something I sometimes do when I'm writing a poem. Sure enough, his closing speech was a rhymed poem! This delighted the judge. Gregory said most judges like it when you close with a poem, but that a few judges don't care for it.

Perhaps if you could ask
The judges first:
Please don't take me to task
For being well-versed.

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