Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thousands Demonstrate

There was a huge demonstration at Chicago's Federal Plaza today.

Your intrepid blog reporter was there.

They were protesting some House Bill that aims to crack down on illegal immigration. The Chicago Tribune's website said it was Irish, Polish and Mexican immigrants. Well, there may have been some Irish or Polish in there somewhere, but it was hugely Mexican.

They were peaceful. Kind of quiet.
I saw nothing resembling a riot.
But they did seem sort of worried
As if they might be hurried
Out of the country any minute.

I hope they're allowed to stay in it.

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Ergo Sum said...

Yea, my boyfriend was there at the demonstration. He happens to also be an undocumented immigrant... though it is clear that he had no choice in the matter when he was brought into the country at a little tiny age...

Anyway. It's all just messed up. I have to leave him, soon. And he cannot even get up and follow me - he can't leave the country, and I am not allowed to stay. Ugh.