Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Philosopher's Stone and The Klein Bottle

Tom Stone, owner of the valuable EpistemeLinks site has started up a new blog, called Philosopher Stone, which is a cute pun on his name and one of his big interests.

The original Philosopher's Stone was a much sought-after dream-stuff of Alchemy. It was a mysterious substance that would let you turn tin, and other cheap metals, into gold.

But if you kept making gold and didn't stop
Its market price would drop.

I also just learned that Shawn Klein has a blog up, which he just calls Philosophy Blog.

I began thinking about funny punny names Shawn could use for a blog. Maybe something to do with Klein Bottles? But do people even know what they are?

There's an anonymous limerick that explains:

A mathematician named Klein
Thought the Möbius band was divine.
Said he: "If you glue
The edges of two,
You'll get a weird bottle like mine."

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