Monday, March 06, 2006

Thank You, Cast

I want to blog-thank the cast for the "Ready or Not" script reading yesterday.

Joe Collins organized the group of actors, casting them for the parts, and casting himself as Edward, the male lead. A couple of audience members asked whether he was purposely imitating ME in his role. No, we hadn't met before that day. But it's a funny commentary on how closely I must have written myself into that part, and on how well he read the role.

Kathy Holahan played Susan, the female lead. I believe this is the hardest part in the play, and I thought she pulled it off with depth of feeling.

Brian Rigg played Kyle brilliantly and got a high percentage of the laughs, much of it at his character's expense.

Kristel Flynn played Norma, the young lady from Mexico who has a tendency to steal the scenes she's in. Kristel stole those scenes.

David Soria played Thompson, the boss-man, with wonderful authority. His character was large and in charge.

Thanks to all five,
The play came alive.

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