Monday, March 02, 2009

Did Newsweek Misspeak?

I've been thinking about that "We're All Socialists Now" cover on Newsweek. It seems to have inadvertantly legitimized libertarian complaints that the government is moving in a socialist direction. 

I guess it was a "triumphalist" sort of mistake, trumpeting victory, and proclaiming a goal, before it was fully in hand.

By the way, we're getting Newsweek at the house this year - probably by accident. Local kids come to the door selling magazines, and my wife takes pity on them, and she thinks they messed up her order. Anyway, the magazine is amazingly thin - very few ads. How can they stay in business? Maybe in a socialist U.S. they will be funded by the government!

The media needs revenue.
I wonder if taxes will do?

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