Friday, March 06, 2009

The Lost Shakespeare Play

I saw a fun new thoughtful play tonight, called The Lost Shakespeare Play, by Dave Stinton:
The Lost Shakespeare Play is based on the true story of a theatrical scandal that hit Richard Brinsley Sheridan's Drury Lane Theatre in the 1790s. A document uncovered by 19-year-old William Henry Ireland is heralded as a lost play by William Shakespeare. The play, entitled Vortigern, causes a sensation in literary circles, and many - experts and laypeople alike - are utterly convinced of its authenticity.
Stinton quotes from the "real" text of Vortigern, so you get a real flavor of it, and Stinton also has written an impressive original speech in heroic couplets.

A work can achieve instant fame -
become all the rage -
if you simply paste Shakespeare's name
on the author page.


Anonymous said...

John, it was great having you in our audience! Thank you for the kind words.

Abbie Colton

JohnJEnright said...

Abbie, thank you for putting on this great production! It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope you keep producing.