Friday, March 13, 2009


Marsha and I saw Sequestered tonight at the Dream Theatre, the latest from Jeremy Menekseoglu. These are just some first thoughts while it settles in my mind.

As usual, the acting was stunning.

It's billed as an absurdist play, and I saw the connection to that style, but it struck me as closer to symbolist. Why, you ask? Well, the initial situation seems Kafkesque... which fits with absurdist, but the story develops in a meaningful way, which isn't so perfectly absurd. Yes, I know, I'm picking theoretical nits.

As you might guess, I much prefer stories that develop meaningfully. So I am perfectly happy with this outcome.

A lot of the play does have a distinct nightmare quality, but it it wasn't as actively scary as some of Dream Theatre's other work, perhaps because it had a certain abstract quality about it.

Your room feels like a cell
and the maid who comes to clean
with a very old machine
has a batty tale to tell.

Listen. Listen well.

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